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Meet Our EHSS Manager, Adam Brown

A passion for safe, reliable operations is in Adam Brown’s blood.


“I’m proud to be a third generation EHSS professional,” said Brown, Environmental Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) manager for Golden Triangle Polymers, now under construction in Orange County, Texas. “My father was an industrial firefighter, and my grandfather was a safety engineer.“


Brown began his career as an industrial hygiene specialist, gaining experience in other disciplines under the EHSS umbrella at petrochemical and refining facilities throughout the Gulf Coast.


From there, he worked in various roles in EHSS for large-scale organizations while earning his master’s degree in safety management and becoming a certified safety professional in 2012.


Bown said he’s happy to work for a facility that has already played an important role in the Orange community.


“I am incredibly proud to be part of a project that has already created hundreds of employment opportunities to support the local economy and help local employees and their families flourish for years to come,” Brown said. “And I’m proud my career path has led me here to build an exceptional EHSS team for this world-class organization.”


Benefits of Cross-Department Collaboration

As Golden Triangle Polymers EHSS manager, Brown spends much of his time engaging with team members and contractors regarding project goals. He reviews performance indicators to identify achievements and capture opportunities for improvement as the project continues construction and moves closer to start-up, which is scheduled for 2026.


He is an active Golden Triangle Polymers Leadership Team member and collaborates with other department heads to improve the site's overall performance and ensure EHSS compliance. Brown is responsible for spearheading the facility’s sustainable policies and procedures related to EHSS.


He is also involved in Best Practice Teams that share knowledge and organizational learning.


“We have seen firsthand the benefits of cross-functional collaboration,” Brown said. “It gives employees insight into what their colleagues are doing and creates a sense of community where everyone works towards shared goals.”


EHSS Initiatives and Innovations

The Golden Triangle Polymers team focuses on employee well-being while working to mitigate the environmental impact through “Our Journey to Zero” program, which is a multi-year strategy aimed at eliminating high probability/high impact safety events at the plant, preventing spills and environmental events, and reducing total emissions and waste generation.


Golden Triangle Polymers is a joint venture between Chevron Phillips Chemical and QatarEnergy. Adopted from CPChem, “Our Journey to Zero” incorporates practical strategies and procedures for maintaining organizational excellence and top-tier safety performance. It also promotes an inclusive workforce that cares for people, communities and the environment.


Part of ‘Our Journey to Zero” is the digitization of work processes, such as work permits and field and equipment inspections. Brown said this effort will improve operational safety and efficiency by saving time and reducing the possibility of errors that could pose a safety risk.


“With employee participation and operational discipline, we can achieve operational excellence, which means zero incidents and injuries every day,” Brown said.


To learn more about Golden Triangle Polymers or for construction updates, visit the Project FAQs and follow Golden Triangle Polymers Company on Facebook.