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Heavy Hauls

Any load that has an overall piece weight in excess of 55,000 pounds. Additional truck and trailer axles are needed to safely haul cargo that exceeds 55,000 pounds, categorizing these shipments as “heavy haul.”​

Watch this video of a heavy haul move at CPChem's Baytown facility. This technique will be similar to what is seen in Orange County, Texas.


We plan to ship modules and large pieces of equipment across the world to Cow Bayou in Orange County, Texas from late 2023 through mid 2025. During this time, there will be approximately 200 barge transfers hauling more than 400 modules and large pieces of equipment.


Once on land, the heavy haul transports will travel SH87 to the project site. All heavy hauls will enter the project site at Gate 2 across from the Orange County Airport. The route is approximately 2.5 miles.

Download a map of the heavy haul route.


Heavy Haul transports could occur during day or nighttime, depending on permit approvals from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Each one-way trip takes approximately 4 hours.


Each individual cargo will require a distinct Self-Propelled-Modular-Transporter (SPMT). When possible, the SPMTs will travel in convoy to lessen traffic disruption. Each one-way trip takes approximately 4 hours. Depending on how many transports occur at once and whether they will immediately mobilize back to the MOF, the northbound lane of SH87 could be closed up to 10 – 12 hours at a time. Advance public notification will be given for all road closures. 


Yes. During a heavy haul transport, the northbound lane of SH87 between Bridge City High School and Orange County Airport will be closed. The southbound lane of SH87 will remain open.

When a road closure occurs, there will be a traffic flow change in front of Bridge City High School. SH87 northbound traffic will be rerouted into the southbound lane at Farm Drive. SH87 southbound to SH62 will be two-way with one lane for southbound traffic and one lane for northbound traffic. After SH62, motorists can use the southbound lane of SH87 for traveling south only.

Residences and businesses within the barricaded area can access their property from either Berwick Drive or by using a Heavy Haul flagger to cross the northbound lane. All other motorists should use the detour routes, which are SH62 to FM105 and on Foreman Rd. to FM 1006.

Public notifications of road closures will occur no less than seven days in advance. 

Download this map to see the Heavy Haul route and detours.


About the Project

Golden Triangle Polymers Company LLC is a joint venture owned indirectly by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP (51%) and QatarEnergy U.S. Investments (2) LLC (49%), headquartered in Orange, Texas.

Once operational, the Golden Triangle Polymers facility will manufacture high-density polyethylene, which enables production of everyday products like pipe for water and natural gas delivery and packaging that keeps food fresh and medicine sterile. Chevron Phillips Chemical will manage engineering, procurement and construction for the project and operate the facility after startup.

“Golden Triangle Polymers Company” or “Golden Triangle Polymers” or “GTPC” may refer to one or more Golden Triangle Polymers subsidiaries or affiliates. All these terms are used for convenience only and are not intended as a precise description of any of the separate companies, each of which manages its own affairs.


Through the joint venture, CPChem and QatarEnergy are building an integrated polymers facility, the Golden Triangle Polymers Project, in Orange, Texas. The total installed cost of the project is expected to be $8.5 billion.


The Golden Triangle Polymers facility will create high-density polyethylene resins, which are used by our customers to create a variety of end-use products like piping for water irrigation, packaging applications to keep food fresh, and containers for personal care products.


Construction of the Golden Triangle Polymers facility has already begun and is expected to last through 2026.


Start up of the facility is expected in 2026.


The Golden Triangle Polymers facility is located in unincorporated Orange County at 800 Foreman Road across from CPChem’s existing Orange facility which has been in operation since the 1950s.

See map of facility location


Golden Triangle Polymers will be a world-scale facility that adds value to the Orange community, and we recognize that having a greenbelt and tree planting plan is part of ensuring quality of life is maintained.

Trees were removed in the initial stages of construction. We are now exploring the feasibility of adding grassy berms, planting trees and shrubbery, and other landscaping options around the site in the future.

We plan to work with local organizations who know what native plant life will thrive in the Gulf Coast region while adding a beautiful aesthetic along public roadways that can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Clearing land in the initial stages was necessary for constructing the facility. Community members may see tree removal occurring in February and March 2023 along Foreman Road and Western Avenue as we begin to install a security perimeter fence.

The West Orange Police Department also advised that removing the trees at the corner of Foreman Road and Highway 1006 would improve visibility for drivers making turns on both roadways. Safety and security are core values for CPChem and Golden Triangle Polymers.

We recognize the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity in our own operations and are taking meaningful actions to reduce our emissions intensity.

The project is targeting to have approximately 25% lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than similar facilities in the U.S. and Europe and will continue exploring ways to help further reduce GHG emissions.

Learn more about sustainability at GTPC.

We commissioned a comprehensive, third party Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) as part of the project development process, and a GHG emissions Life Cycle Analysis specific to the project was completed in July 2022.

This facility is designed using modern emissions reduction technology and processes, including recycling high hydrogen fuel to the ethylene furnaces to reduce emissions and an advanced ethane refrigeration system.

Additionally, the ethylene unit will use ethane as feedstock, which has lower GHG emissions relative to alternative naphtha feedstocks.

Free Wash Friday occurs the first Friday of every month at Grand Slam Car Wash & Lube located at 2917 Macarthur Dr, Orange, TX 77630. Anyone who visits Grand Slam on the first Friday of the month can receive a free Base Hit car wash on us.

Listening to the community is part of our commitment to being a good neighbor. As an active construction site, ensuring that we do our part to minimize dust that may be generated during our activities is a primary goal. We are taking several measures to help control dust on the project site, and the Free Wash Friday program is an additional gesture to show our appreciation to the community.

We are proud to support a local business – Grand Slam Car Wash & Lube – through this program as well. Golden Triangle Polymers Company values being a good neighbor and looks forward to continuing to collaborate with our community in innovative ways.


As an active construction site, ensuring the reduction of dust that may be generated during our activities is important. We are taking several measures to help control dust on the project site, including using watering trucks to spray areas around the project site and the roads daily. Our Free Wash Friday program is an additional gesture to show appreciation to the community and our commitment to dust minimization.


Safety at the Facility

As the construction manager, CPChem places a strong focus on safety culture and safe working conditions. We have designed and implemented safety initiatives to help fulfill our vision of an injury and incident free construction process.

This includes rigorous onboarding with mandatory touchpoints to ensure all workers can safely complete their tasks. We engage directly with the contract companies and workers to ensure alignment with our goal of zero incidents and injuries during construction. 

Learn more about safety at GTPC.

CPChem will operate the facility after startup, and the safety of our employees, contractors and community members is a core value. Building upon CPChem’s leading position as one of the best – and safest – operators in the industry, we will utilize advanced technology managed through CPChem’s existing operational excellence (OE) system. This system includes robust guidelines and requirements for personal and process safety, environmental performance, emergency preparedness and community engagement to ensure we are holding ourselves to the highest of standards.

As part of our staffing strategy for the new facility, we also plan to bring on many experienced employees from our existing sites in the region to ensure a smooth and safe transition to operations.

While under construction, Golden Triangle Polymers has an emergency services agreement with neighboring cities and the county to provide emergency response. Once complete, the Golden Triangle Polymers facility will be a fully integrated, state-of-the-art facility with in-house emergency response capabilities.

Lights are currently being used as a security measure to deter theft and trespassing on the construction site. The lights are set to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. If lights are a personal concern, please use the Contact Us form and we will be in touch with you to see if any adjustments can be made to alleviate the problem.

Traffic and Road Work

We expect a coordinated multi-agency effort among private and public organizations to ensure the community is fully aware of conditions on public roadways. Right now, we have implemented the following traffic protocols at our site:

  • Entrance signs have been placed on State Highway 87 North and South to indicate where trucks should enter the construction site.
  • No trucks entering from the South (FM 1006) will be allowed to park on State Highway 87 under any circumstances.
  • Heavy Haul trucks must remain in the right lanes and trucks exiting Gate 2 must make a right turn on State Highway 87 and head North.
  • A flagger will be positioned inside Gate 2 to make sure the above is implemented properly.

Download an overview of the Traffic Management Plan and Projected Workforce here.

Golden Triangle Polymers Company (GTPC) and TXDOT have an agreement that will allow certain improvements to be made to state-owned roadways from March 2023 to October 2023. The purpose of the road work is to ensure safe passage for over-sized, heavy equipment related to the project​ and to improve the flow of traffic during construction along State Highway 87 from Cow Bayou to the project site.​​

Download a map showing all the road construction happening around the project site here.

Download an overview of the roadwork project here.

Jobs and Hiring

This is a four-year construction project expected to create approximately 4,500 construction jobs and approximately 500 permanent positions. The primary contractor companies manage their own hiring during the construction phase of the project while CPChem will hire full-time operations, maintenance, engineering, and support staff positions for the completed Golden Triangle Polymers facility.

While job seekers are welcome to apply directly with any of the companies working on the Golden Triangle Polymers project, Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas offers a job database that is a “one stop shop” solution to make the job search and applying process easier.

For more information, please visit the Local First job site.

In addition to the job database, Workforce Solutions is also offering free resume counseling, online application assistance, and education and training referrals from its office in Orange, Texas located at 2415 N 16th St, Orange, TX 77630.

Construction Jobs

CPChem, as the construction manager for the Golden Triangle Polymers Project, has contracted companies to oversee the engineering, procurement, and construction of the project. They are known as EPCs or primary contractor companies. The companies are:

  • The engineering, procurement and construction of the polyethylene units will be executed through ZDJV, a joint venture between Zachry Industrial Inc. (Zachry Group) and DL USA, Inc.
  • For the furnace portion of the ethane cracker, engineering and procurement will be executed by T.EN Stone & Weber Process Technology, Inc. while PCL Industrial Construction Co. will provide construction services.
  • Engineering, procurement and construction for the additional portions of the ethane cracker will be executed by JKJV, a joint venture between JGC America, Inc. and Kiewit Energy Group, Inc.
  • BMZ Third Coast Partners, a joint venture between Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc. and Zachry Industrial, Inc., (Zachry Group) will execute the utilities and infrastructure scope of work.
  • The main automation contractor for the project is Emerson Process Management, LLLP.
  • W.T. Byler Co., Inc. is managing heavy civil work for the entire site as well as engineering, procurement and construction services for a rail and storage-in-transit yard.

Full-time Jobs

CPChem will be hiring operations, maintenance, engineering, and support staff roles for the Golden Triangle Polymers Company. You can locate job listings on CPChem's career site.

Supplier or Vendor

CPChem maintains a supplier and vendor list for the Golden Triangle Polymers Project. Businesses interested in being considered for work on the project should first apply to be pre-screened by CPChem. Qualifying businesses that satisfy the company’s standards for service providers or suppliers will likely be added to one of the lists, which is then shared with the project’s primary contract companies and CPChem personnel working on the project.

The application link for local small businesses can be found here. For additional information, please email [email protected]

Approved Vendor List

Being on CPChem’s Approved Vendor List, or AVL, means your company meets qualifying standards to perform on-site services.

Local First Vendor List

Being on CPChem’s Local First Vendor List means your company has a principal office located in Orange County, Texas and your company has either:

1) met qualifying standards to perform on-site services and/or provide materials to the project, also known as the project's Approved Vendor List;

2) are not on the Approved Vendor List but may be able to provide materials and/or off-site services; or

3) has applied to be on project's Approved Vendor List and/or Local First Vendor List and is waiting for a determination.

Please be advised that being on the AVL and/or the Local First Vendor List does not guarantee work on the project but allows your company an opportunity to compete for business.


CPChem shares its supplier and vendor lists with the primary contract companies but does not oversee their internal processes for bidding out work. Contact CPChem's Procurement Department at [email protected] and we'll look into your specific concern. 


Local First

Local First is a community economic and workforce development program related to Golden Triangle Polymers Company. The two-part program aims to place the Orange County and Golden Triangle region first when sourcing suppliers, vendors, and workforce.

Download the Local First brochure here.

CPChem signed a tax abatement agreement with Orange County that comes with local sourcing obligations.

The nine county Golden Triangle region includes Orange County, Jefferson County, Hardin County, Jasper County, Newton County, Tyler County, Chambers County, and the Bolivar Peninsular of Galveston County.

Businesses located in or have a principal office in Orange County, Texas.

Local First is not a guarantee that workforce and/or vendors and suppliers will only come from the areas named in the tax abatement agreement.

Our goal with Local First is to help workers and businesses located in Orange County, Texas become aware of Golden Triangle Polymers Company and the opportunities for work associated with the construction project.

In collaboration with trusted community organizations, we are spearheading several public events and public communications to assist local companies and the local workforce in putting their best foot forward when competing for work.

However, employment and procurement practices are competitive and participating with Local First does not guarantee work on the project. 

Visit our Public Information Office at 1537A Strickland Drive, Orange, Texas 77360 on Monday & Wednesday from 8AM to 5PM or Tuesday & Thursday from 10AM to 7PM.

You can also call our office at 409-920-4052 and one of our staff members will get in touch with you.