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Construction Update: Preparing for Heavy Hauls

The next stage of construction for the Golden Triangle Polymers Company (GTPC) facility in Orange County, Texas, will involve regular "heavy hauls" of more than 400 pieces of equipment and modules needed to assemble the plant. To accommodate these large cargo loads of 55,000+ pounds each, special truck convoys and new road infrastructure are needed.


Heavy haul deliveries will commence in late 2023 and are slated to continue through mid 2025. To prepare, GTPC has paid for and carried out multiple phases of road expansion and improvement work the past six months on State Highway 87 and elsewhere, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). There has also been a lot of working preparing the Marine Offloading Facility, or MOF, on Cow Bayou to receive the equipment via barge before being transporting to vehicle.

GTPC is committed to keeping the public informed about heavy haul schedules so that motorists can plan their routes accordingly. Get regular updates following GTPC on Facebook, LinkedIn, and X, formerly known as Twitter.  You can also check the project FAQs page on our website to review traffic management plans and maps indicating where road closures and detours will take place

GTPC sincerely thanks Orange County residents for their cooperation and understanding while we undertake this exciting and complex project. We look forward to sharing our success with the community and helping to foster economic growth in the region both in the coming years and when the plant becomes operational in 2026.

What Can Residents of Orange County Expect While Heavy Hauls Are Ongoing?

We anticipate the use of approximately 200 barges to transport more than 400 pieces of oversized and heavy cargo. Barges will arrive at Cow Bayou (Marine Offloading Facility) and will travel north for 2.5 miles along SH87 to the site entrance. Each one-way trip will take approximately four hours.

To move heavy loads of this size, a Self-Propelled-Modular-Transporter (SPMT) is required. To reduce road delays further, SPMTs travel in a fleet whenever possible.

This video of a heavy haul transport at CPChem's Baytown facility demonstrates a similar technique to that which will be used in Orange County, Texas.

Heavy Haul transports could occur in the day or nighttime..   

Will Traffic Be Re-Routed?

Yes, we're enlisting the assistance of local law enforcement to help with traffic re-routing and all road closures are in accordance with TxDOT.

During heavy haul transports, SH87 between Cow Bayou and the project site (across from Orange County Airport) will be closed. Detours will be set up on SH73 to FM105 and on Foreman Rd. to FM1006 to E. Roundbunch Rd. 

In front of Bridge City High School, SH87 northbound traffic will be rerouted into the southbound lane at Farm Drive. SH87 southbound to SH73 will be two-way, with one lane for southbound traffic and one lane for northbound traffic up to the barricade.

We encourage residents to follow GTPC on Facebook, LinkedIn, and X, formerly known as Twitter to track new developments and plan routes accordingly.

What Kind of Road Improvements Have Been Made?

To ensure that heavy haul loads can be safely transported to our work site, we have an agreement with TxDOT that allowed us to fund and make necessary road improvements. These improvements are designed to improve traffic flow and withstand the weight of the heavy haul transports.

Initial road work began in March of 2023 and covered the following locations:

  • State Highway 87 (from Cow Bayou [Knife River] to FM 105 [Western Ave])
  • State Highway 62 at State Highway 87
  • North side of FM 105 (Western Ave) at State Highway 87
  • BUS90 at State Highway 87
  • Foreman Rd at FM 105 (Western Ave)
  • FM 1006 at State Highway 87
  • FM 1006 at Foreman Rd

Road work included surface improvement, addition of turn lanes, reconfiguring intersections and other projects. GTPC has covered the costs for all road work performed to support the heavy haul process.

Laying the Groundwork for a Bright Future

GTPC strives for transparency about heavy haul moves and what local residents can expect in terms of road closures. We welcome your feedback and will address questions and concerns in a timely manner. Please use the Contact Us form to connect with us or visit in person Monday – Thursday at our public information office at 1537A Strickland Drive, Orange, TX 77630.