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CPChem and QatarEnergy announced plans to develop a petrochemical facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast in July 2019. Below are facts of the project. For more details, download the brochure here.

GTPC project facts start up

Project start up

Golden Triangle Polymers is expected to start-up in 2026. Construction has already begun, and we expect the peak of construction personnel to be onsite in late 2024 through mid-2025.  

GTPC project facts location

Facility location 

The joint venture is called Golden Triangle Polymers Company LLC, named for the Golden Triangle region encompassing the city of Orange, Texas.

Project facts operator

Facility operator 

CPChem will manage engineering, procurement and construction for the project and operate the facility after start-up.


Ethane Cracker

The plant will include a 2,080 KTA ethane cracker. Ethane crackers are plants that perform the first step in the process of transforming ethane into plastic products by separating the component from natural gas to produce ethylene, a key building block of plastics and other industrial materials.


milk jug

Polyethylene Units

The plant will include two 1,000 KTA high-density polyethylene units that will produce polyethylene sold through a global network. Similar to CPChem’s other facilities, Golden Triangle's product, polyethylene, will be used to create pipes for natural gas and water delivery, recreational products such as kayaks and coolers, and essential packaging applications to keep food fresh and medicines devices sterile.


500 Jobs

Permanent Jobs

It is anticipated that the Golden Triangle Polymers plant will create more than 500 full-time jobs. According to the American Chemistry Council, full-time jobs in our industry have an average wage that is 46% higher than the average manufacturing wage in Texas, and we expect to uphold this standard by providing competitive wages.



World-scale facility

The total installed cost of the project is expected to be $8.5 billion.  


Temporary Jobs

The facility is expected to create approximately 4,500 construction jobs over the next four years. The influx of new workers will also support indirect revenues, jobs and salaries in other local businesses, and draw new retailers and services to the area.



Long-term impact

CPChem conducted an extensive economic impact study with the support of outside experts when considering Orange as the location for the project. The results of that study showed the project will generate an estimated $50 billion for the area in economic output over 20 years during construction and operations.