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Meet GTPC’s Maintenance Manager Craig Lemons

With massive construction efforts well underway, the new Golden Triangle Polymers facility in Orange County, Texas, is in good hands thanks to the expertise and experienced guidance of Maintenance Manager Craig Lemons.

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Lemons has been employed with Chevron Phillips Chemical for nearly three decades, both as a plant manager and transition manager. Even though Golden Triangle Polymers is jointly owned by CPChem and QatarEnergy, CPChem has agreed to be the manager and administrator of the new facility.

Lemons was an integral member of the development team for Golden Triangle Polymers, as well as other start-up facilities, such as CPChem's Qatar plant, an endeavor Lemons considers one of the most rewarding experiences of his career.

Preparing for operational readiness and new technology

The plant's start date is set for 2026, which means Lemons' primary focus now is operational readiness. An enormous amount of work and problem-solving goes into making sure the plant is ready to operate safely, reliably and efficiently every single day.

In his new position as the lead facility manager, Lemons is committed to making sure every employee knows their role and is proficient in their job responsibilities so they are ready to go once construction is complete. From recruiting, onboarding and training staff to developing policies and procedures for everyday operations, he is determined to prepare for every possible contingency, he says.

"If we can't do it safely, we won't do it."

As a leader responsible for helping develop other large-scale facilities, Lemons brings invaluable insight and experience to his position as maintenance manager. He believes CPChem's willingness to adapt and improve upon previous projects will make Golden Triangle Polymers a safe and productive petrochemical plant.

Lemons also works to mitigate the costs and downtime required for system maintenance. His team continually explores ways to conduct preventive maintenance and perform necessary repairs as efficiently as possible. The goal is to safely remove and restore equipment without risk to personal safety—and with minimal disruption to plant operations.

As Lemons says, "If we can't do it safely, we won't do it."

Community connection

Lemons serves on several boards and community groups like the Rotary Club of Orange, the Stark Foundation, Shangri La Botanical Gardens Advisory Council and the Industrial Safety Training Council in Southeast Texas. Through these community outreach efforts, he engages directly with local residents to learn how the company can best meet and support their needs.

"We meet with community stakeholders every month. We share updates to the facility with them and address any concerns,” Lemons says.

Because he lives and works in the community, Lemons feels a particular sense of accountability to Golden Triangle Polymers' employees, facility site neighbors and stakeholders. He believes in striving for excellence in every aspect of plant construction and operations.

When asked what he finds most gratifying about his position as maintenance manager, Lemons says he is incredibly grateful to live and work in Orange County. Through his relationships with friends, neighbors and colleagues, he sees how this investment in Southeast Texas has already benefitted the region.

"The connection with the community," Lemons says, "is also about providing jobs to people who live in and love Southeast Texas."

To date, Golden Triangle Polymers has created hundreds of job opportunities that Lemons says he believes will encourage workers and their families to continue to live and thrive here for generations to come.

To learn more about Golden Triangle Polymers or to get construction updates, visit Golden Triangle Polymers Project FAQs and follow Golden Triangle Polymers Company on Facebook.