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Golden Triangle Polymers brings new life to Orange Naval Barracks

Golden Triangle Polymers Company is embarking on a project to revitalize and repurpose the historic naval barracks in Orange, Texas for use as a lodging for construction employees at the site.

Historic Orange Naval Barracks

GTPC has signed a two-year lease agreement with the Port of Orange to utilize the former barracks, which have long been a major point of pride for the local community due to their contribution to the World War II effort and the many naval vessels that have been built there.

The upgraded facility will house more than 150 employees during the construction of our GTPC’s $8.5 billion petrochemical facility along Highway 87 South in Orange, with operations to start in 2026.

Naval heritage and pride long linked to Orange, Texas

Located west of the Sabine River and north of the Gulf of Mexico, Orange, Texas, has been home to shipbuilding activities since the 19th century and to U.S. naval activities and ship construction since World War I.

Historical Port of Orange Picture from Heritage House MuseumBarracks Map

Navy contracts created a demand for labor in Orange during World War II, and the city's population, which was approximately 7,000 in 1940, grew to 60,000 by the end of the war.

Between the late 1940s and the mid-1970s, Orange, Texas, was home to a substantial U.S. Navy ship fleet. This fleet was the world's largest collection of inactive ships during that period. The naval base was a part of the Texas Group within the Atlantic Fleet, whose purpose was to deactivate and maintain ships for the reserve fleet.

Navy Ship

Revitalization and new purpose for the naval barracks

The base has seen a deterioration of its facilities over the decades since its operation, and Golden Triangle Polymers has committed to repurposing this historic site to offer opportunities for employment and economic growth in Orange.

"As someone who's been connected to the Orange community for the past eight years, I understand the history and nostalgia of the naval barracks and the Port of Orange in general,” Craig Lemons, maintenance manager at Golden Triangle Polymers, told The Orange Leader. “The Port of Orange has worked with Chevron Phillips Chemical for years and continues to work with Golden Triangle Polymers.”

The two-year lease agreement is the starting point, and its duration may be extended based on project needs. Employees started working out of the Barracks in August 2023.

"We expect the remainder of our project employees to be onsite by March 2024,” Lemons said.

GTP revitalizes Navy Barracks

Usage could expand, depending on need

This facility will primarily serve as office space for project employees who will be relocating from various parts of the world, including Japan, Korea, Kansas City and Texas. In addition to daily office operations, the Barracks will play a vital role in the onboarding and training of new employees required for the completed petrochemical facility.

The Port of Orange has been a longstanding partner throughout this development. A few years ago, Orange repainted the exterior of the Barracks and recently expanded parking facilities by an acre to accommodate up to 200 vehicles, ensuring that the Barracks can accommodate the incoming labor force and on-site activities.

Ongoing discussions are exploring potential uses of the Barracks for warehouse space, laydown areas, barge traffic and cargo movement over the Sabine River.

Golden Triangle Polymers representatives said they are proud usher in a new chapter in the life of Orange's historic Naval Barracks.

“We look forward to contributing to the prosperous social and economic changes that will take place through our partnership with the Port of Orange, and we appreciate the support and collaboration of all parties involved as we work together to bring new purpose and industry to this highly valued site,” Lemons said.

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